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Articles about brunch Great places for holiday brunch December 1, 2011 by s.Irene virbila, los angeles times restaurant critic Here they come:The relatives.And they’re hungry too.So where are you going to feed them?Why not one of the new generation of brunches that have been popping up at some very good restaurants lately?Brunch is convivial and fun, not to mention much less expensive than taking the crowd to a full on dinner.Here are a few suggestions to get you started.Playa:Start things off at this smart, casual latin restaurant from rivera’s john sedlar with blue corn muffins and dreamy almond butter. Ministry of gossip September 23, michael kors handbags outlet 2011 Sachs editing // shaking off sunday night’s emmy hangover, it should come as no surprise that showbiz types want a little sunshine specifically, the well heeled gals of film and television.Sometimes women’s intuition says that the best partying to be done is over a good ol’ fashioned girls’ lunch:Two forks, one salad, lots of white wine.Here’s a rundown of some civilized schmoozing happening at high noon.On the program:A brunch buffet, gospel choir and presentations of the 2011 dream keeper awards to earl e.Gales jr.And michael wright. “This is harder than it looks,”She said, tossing back the mallets.Degeneres, portia de rossi and about 80 others turned up nov.19 to celebrate Kohn’s longevity.The backdrop:Paintings by artists such as andy warhol, cy twombly, and jean michel basquiat.Owned by alfredo diaz, the restaurant serves as the second location to diaz’s popular kokomo caf, which recently moved from its longtime spot at the original farmers market to the corner of beverly boulevard and martel avenue.Like its predecessor, k2 traffics in fresh, healthful, modern american food with a dash of bayou spice.Closed sunday.Entrees from $26.Irene virbila, los angeles times restaurant critic I have a confession to make:I hate brunch buffets, those all you can eat affairs where, faced with a selection as long as a football field, you promptly lose your mind and pile your plate to the point you’re confronting far more than you http://www.thelivelist.co.uk/ can realistically consume or appreciate.And some people don’t stop there.I think the moment i swore off such extravagances was a sunday morning at the rainbow room in new york.The buffet there is famous for the view, and for the fact that the buffet spread slowly revolves like a turntable.

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