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How to look good and ralph lauren outlet uk golf ralph lauren polo online Golfing is a sport and you would expect to not have very many clothing options as a female for louis vuitton sale uk the sport.Most golf courses have strict dress codes that border on formal, which is probably the last thing you would expect for a sport.Formal clothes for cheap louboutins women and sports that involve a lot of bending, twisting and swinging really don’t work.If you’re someone that is new to this and is planning on going out golfing, i thought i could help you out by showing you what you should be wearing that is formal, yet practical to properly play the sport. The big formal thing that just about all golf courses requires is a collared shirt.It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, they want to see that collar.For men it is a little ralph lauren polo soldes simple for them because they usually have some sort of collared shirt lying around and they just put on black pants and they’re all set.For women it is a little more difficult.They need to wear a polo shirt with a collar, which a lot of women don’t wear.Pants are completely acceptable now a days for women, but i’m not personally a fan of them. When women first started playing golf they were expected to wear skirts, but this is completely unpractical when you’re bending over and twisting.This is why the skort was created.It is a mix of skirt and shorts.Essentially to someone looking at you, they’d assume that you’re wearing a skirt, but underneath you really have the coverage of shorts.So when you’re bending down you don’t run into any problems at all.

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