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Funding for scottish canoeing News navbarnews archivethis week newslast week newsarchiveor search the news archive for:Investment of 323, 619 is to be invested in the scottish canoe association(Sca)Over the next 12 months. The announcement was made at the grandtully slalom event after david florence won his olympic silver medal in beijing where all team gb athletes competing in canoe ralph lauren outlet uk slalom were scottish. Sportscotland cheap christian louboutin chair louise martin said: “I am delighted to announce this funding package for scottish canoeing and to congratulate the three talented scots who competed in beijing as part of team gb.David florence, campbell walsh and fiona pennie have all represented their sport at the highest level and through this investment, sca can implement their plans to ensure that many more young scots are louis vuitton sale given the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. “Scotland is blessed with the natural resources to enable people to enjoy canoeing and kayaking in all its forms.This funding will allow sca to develop paddlesport across the board and to provide greater access to this exciting and popular sport. ” Sports minister stewart ralph lauren soldes maxwell said: “Well done to david florence, his canoe slalom teammates and all of the scottish athletes for their outstanding performance in beijing.The entire nation is proud of them. “Scottish sport is really making a splash on the world stage at the moment and canoeing in particular is a sport in which we excel. “This funding will provide vital support for our sporting stars of the future as we look to build on the success enjoyed in beijing. ” The sca is the governing body for the sport of canoeing and kayaking covering a range of disciplines including sprint racing, slalom, canoe polo, marathon, racing, freestyle, wild water racing, kayak surfing and touring and canoe sailing. Stuart ralph lauren outlet usa smith, chief executive officer of sca, said: “This investment by sportscotland will assist the scottish canoe association to further develop the sport and to encourage greater participation in recreational as well as competitive paddlesport.David florence’s silver medal at beijing together with campbell walsh’s silver at athens demonstrate that scottish canoeists can and do excel on the world stage.The investment will further develop athlete pathways for the olympians of the future in both sprint racing and canoe slalom. “

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