that normally respectable louis vuitton uk folks

Don’t fake it if you can’t afford it Why is it that normally respectable louis vuitton uk folks, who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fake rolex, or carrying a fake louis vuitton, think it’s fine to fill their houses with fake designer furniture? Apart from the dubious ethics involved in stealing some impoverished danish designer’s hard work, and supporting a chinese sweatshop industry where toddlers are whipped until they make enough chair legs, isn’t there something terribly desperate about wanting a house full of cheap rip offs? Most of these fakes are so built down to a price they they don’t even begin to approximate the quality and attention to detail of the real thing.There’s a reason why a real eames lounge chair will set you back the best part of six grand, while a papier mache and sticky tape version can be had for less than $1000. Then there’s the question of proportions.The copycat manufacturers can’t ever seem to get it quite right;It’s as if they failed geometry at high school.Sit in a faux pierre paulin orange slice chair and you might never climb out again without the help of a chiropractor.And if you think the real barcelona chair is damn uncomfortable, wait until you try the one from zhejiang;It’s enough to give you sciatica just looking at it.

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